Introducing an extraordinary object of the Tudor period

Historian and archaeologist, Jonathan Foyle unravels the facts behind this remarkable find by Ian Coulson

First State Bed of Henry VII

The First State Bed of Henry VII & Elizabeth of York, the fascinating story of a lost Tudor masterpiece.

A Bed of Roses - Royal or Revival?

A One Day Symposium at Victoria & Albert Museum on 21st January 2019

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The Discovery Story



This object is a masterpiece of art and iconography, a unique and significant piece in English Royal history.

The quality of carving and detail of the design is testimony to this. View images.



Research has revealed fascinating and sometimes controversial results.

DNA Test Results

Art Detective - Podcast by Dr Janina Ramirez



The full report bringing together the story behind this historic bed.

The research and evidence documentation is available - please get in touch for details.

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